Prodys ProntoNet (MPEG L2/L3, G.722)

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If you need to be in two places at once, we can help.
All our studios can connect via ISDN to anywhere in the world.
If you’d like advice to find a studio to link up with, give us a call.

We can also use IP connections (which work using an internet connection) to connect to other studios or voice over talent.

The technical bit:

Our main software for this is Source Connect Pro
Our Source Connect ID is: silksound

We can also work with Session Link Pro, ipDTL, etc. - call us if you need any advice.
If you need a phone patch into the session, we can accommodate that via our main switchboard.

As well as this, we use Zoom conferencing software, so you can connect to one of our virtual meeting rooms via phone or computer from anywhere in the world. This allows cross-platform audio and video conferencing.

Alternatively, we can use Skype - our Skype ID is: silkstudiocam