Global TV superstar Maisie Williams is no stranger to experimenting with her beauty regime. She often posts selfies in facemasks or with multi-coloured eyebrows but the 19-year-old Emmy-nominated star’s latest beauty confession is, that she suffers with blackspots.

Though you might justifiably think she’s talking about skin blemishes, what Maisie is actually referring to is blackspots, the name given to areas where mobile signal struggles to reach.

In a spoof parody of the typical cliché beauty commercial for mobile network, Three UK, Maisie jokes about her blackspots. Maisie talks us through how Three helped her overcome the trauma of these ‘blackspots’ that left her feeling, ‘down and alone’ and ‘totally disconnected’ from her partying friends. 

The teenager even joked that there were times when she felt ‘like the loneliest person alive’ before Three introduced its new 4G Super-Voice (4GSV) technology that ‘zaps’ away troublesome blackspots. 4GSV enables mobile signal to drive through thick walls and into those hard to reach areas such as shopping centres and supermarkets, so just like Maisie, you can stay connected. 

Check out the advert mixed by Will.