Nigerias Hidden War

The kidnap of almost 300 schoolgirls by Nigeria's hardline Islamist fighters Boko Haram in April 2014 caused international outrage. It sparked a global campaign demanding their return and pledges of increased military support to Nigeria from the UK, the US and other nations. But, three months later, as the girls languish in guerrilla camps with no sign of rescue,

Channel 4's Dispatches reveals the other side of Nigeria's war on Islamist terror: a campaign by Nigeria's security forces against civilians that's so violent it could constitute war crimes. For a year, Dispatches has been gathering dozens of videos, many of which show the arbitrary arrest, torture and summary execution of civilians and unarmed Boko Haram suspects by Nigerian soldiers and their civilian militia counterparts. Through the videos, eyewitness testimony and the first-hand accounts of militia insiders, Dispatches reveal a hidden war, which we are told is undermining the government's campaign against Boko Haram and may be strengthening the insurgency's ability to escalate its murderous campaign against the state and civilians.

The programme aired on Monday 18th August on Channel 4. Both Silk and our sister company Bubble were involved in the post production with Steve Gibbs working on the offline and online and Lee Willis completing the mix.