Assassin's Creed Unity - Celebrity Co-Op

In the latest incarnation of the series of the popular game - Assassins Creed Unity - for the first time people are able play seamless 2-4 player co-op missions.

These missions allow you to fight alongside other players in challenging and dynamic scenarios and have been crafted specifically for assassins to work in tandem as they take down targets throughout the city.

To celebrate this new feature DavidAttenbro, MorganF_Da_Man, SchwarzeKiller and ChattyManAl69 navigate the rooftops of 18th Century revolutionary Paris and attempt to break into a French aristocrat’s cavernous mansion in a quest to locate a valuable hidden painting.

And here's video of their mission...

And here's a behind the scenes look at Terry Mynott, whose uncanny celebrity impressions feature in the recent Channel 4 series, The Mimic, as he takes us through his awesome impersonations. It  also features our very own Will Morton who recorded the session..